Second Pan Arab Endodontic Conference 2012

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Workshop - Practicing Low Stress & Predictable

Pre-Conference Hands-on Workshop - Practicing low stress & Predictable Endodontics CE course

Wednesday 11 January 2012 - 08:30-12:30

Workshop Fees: USD 200 or USD 150 for registered conference attendees

Prof. Khaled Balto
Professor and Consultant of Micro-endodontics
Chairman of the department of endodontics
Director for the Saudi Board of Endodonitcs in the Western region
Deputy director of the National Research Excellence
Center for Osteoporosis,
King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Dentistry
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


This is a multimedia presentation with extensive hands-on components, to facilitate incorporation of proven predictable techniques into everyday patient care.

General objectives of the course is to:


Recognize and comprehend clinical strategies for pain management


Increase predictability for Endodontic success based on evidence-based principles


Utilize Rotary Nickel Titanium files safely & efficiently based on an understanding of Novel manufacturing bio-mechanical files designs


Understand biological concepts in canal irrigation & develop techniques for clinical implementation.


Realize when you are stressed and adopt various approaches to practice low stress endodontics


Materials to Bring to the course:

Attendees for the hands-on course are required to bring the following:


Two or three multirooted teeth not mounted with straight line access cavities prepared
(Teeth must be patent to a #10 or #15 hand file)
Loupes if possible

All other supplies will be provided during the course


Additional topics to be addressed:


The single biggest secret that makes multiple-canal endo easier
A step-by-step preparation system that works on every tooth
How you can be doing almost all your endo cases pain free
New information that will change the way you think about analgesics and antibiotics
Gain access to the pulp chamber safely without perforating the furcation
Clean and shape canals without distortion or fear of instrument separation



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