Second Pan Arab Endodontic Conference 2012

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Khaled Balto

Invited Speaker


Khaled Balto B.D.S, Cert Endo; D.M.Sc
Professor and Consultant of Micro-endodontics
Chairman of the department of endodontics
Director for the Saudi Board of Endodonitcs in the Western region
Deputy director of the National Research Excellence
Center for Osteoporosis,
King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Dentistry
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Professor Khaled Balto got his BDS degree from KUA in 1994. Then, obtained certificate in Endodontics and Doctorate degree in Oral Biology from Harvard University in 2001

Professor Balto received several awards in his academic career from the American Association of Endodontics, Harvard University, KAU and others. He has many indexed publications in various aspects of Endodontology and lectured extensively worldwide.

Currently he is the Chairman of the department of Endodontics at King Abdul-Aziz University Director of the Saudi Board of Endodontics in the Western region Deputy director for Center of Excellence for Osteoporosis Research










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