Second Pan Arab Endodontic Conference 2012

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Information for Authors - Abstract

Information for Authors


Financial disclosure
The disclosure of commercial relationships is expected. Bias in research, presentation and publication can arise from various forms of self-interest. The desire for professional recognition is inherent in academic activity, often with the indirect fringe benefits of increased stature and authority, academic appointment or promotion, more patient referrals, higher income, more travel, or other perquisites.
These potential rewards for academic success can be strong sources of bias. More tangible financial benefits can also accrue to the First Author or Co-author in some cases. Financial interests do not restrict presentation or publication, but the audience is entitled to know that such interests exist. Therefore, presenters at the PAEA 2012 meeting (including poster sessions) and other educational activities are required to provide disclosure of financial interests.

Examples for economic and financial linkage:
You have received travel support from a company whose product you have evaluated.
A company has given you an unlimited grant for a study you will present.
A company has provided you with support for the bio-statistical processing of your results.
You have carried out research on behalf of a company.
You hold a patent for the described product or you own shares in the company.
You own shares or options in a competing company whose products were described in your work.
All authors are kindly asked to observe the "Instructions for Authors










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