Second Pan Arab Endodontic Conference 2012

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Emirates Endodontic Club


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the morphology, physiology and pathology of the human dental pulp and periradicular tissues. The scope of endodontics includes the treatment of all types of pulpal diseases and its pathoses, including those occurring in the periradicular area.

Our mission is to keep the profession in the highest state of the art and science of the endodontic care of our patients. The club encourages its members to pursue advanced education.
Our vision is to keep the members up-to-date on new technology and treatment modalities in the field of endodontology and make the public aware of the changes occurring regarding the specialty of endodontics.

Endodontists who wish to join the Endodontic Club have to have training in the specialty from an accredited endodontic postgraduate program or be board certified in the specialty.

The Endodontic Club was established in August 2001. It started with very few members because there were no endodontics specialists at that time. The main objectives for establishing this club were:
To have all Endodontists in U.A.E. know each other and to make it easier for referrals from one Emirate to another.seminars, lectures and hands on courses to general practitioners to increase their knowledge level about Endodontology.professional advancement for members.resources to increase the public awareness.

During the years the club members had many seminars, lectures and hands on courses all over UAE, and invited several international speakers. Dr. M. Torabinejad, Dr. P. Abbott and Dr. K. Balto, all of whom presented seminars in conjunction with the local speakers from the endodontic club members. Endodontic club members such as Dr. Zuhair, Dr. Adel A., Dr. Rashid A., Dr. Sami C., Dr. Harold G., Dr. Mohamad J., Dr. Hassanain, Dr. Maher S. Ahmed, together with other members, lectured locally and internationally at different conferences around the world.

The efforts of the Endodontic Club members over the years have resulted in recognition in the Emirates of the importance of the specialty of Endodontics. Because of the activity and interest provided by the club, many of its members have become active and presented at the First Annual Pan-Arab Endodontic conference held in Amman, Jordan in November, 2009. The success of the conference has led to the Second Pan-Arab Endodontic Conference taking place in Dubai in January, 2012. The effort to present a successful conference is chaired by Dr. Zuhair Al Khatib, together with other members of the Endodontic Club.

Please join us in this endeavor. International and local speakers will present the latest innovations occurring in Endodontics.










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