Second Pan Arab Endodontic Conference 2012

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Gallery - 1st Pan Arab Endodotic Conference, Jordan


A group of endodontist in 2007 from several Arab countries metduring the FDI conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and decided to start the Arab Endodontic Association.

In 2008, the Presidents of different Arab endodontic associations met in Amman, Jordan and officially announce the Arab Endodontic Society. They created the rules and regulations of the society. The main countries attended were: Jordan, UAE, Syria, Saudi, Egypt, Lebanon and Qatar. The founders agreed to conduct an Arab Endodontic Conference every two years with the office of the Presidency given to the President of the local endodontic association of the country hosting the conference.

The first conference was held in Amman, Jordan in November, 2009 with Dr. Ibrahim Abu-Tahoon as the first President. Tunisia and Libya became members of the Association and the Palestine Endodontic Association President was invited as a guest.

At the conclusion of the 2009 meeting in Amman, Dr. Zuhair AlKhatib was selected to be the next President and he was assigned to conduct the 2nd Pan Arab Endodontic Associations Conference in Dubai in January 2012.


Arab Board Committee

Dr. Ibrahim Abutahoun - Jordan
Dr. Salsabeel Ibrahim - Egypt
Dr. Faisal Dayob - Syria
Dr. Hédia Ben Ghenaia Jaouadi - Tunis
Dr. Saed Alnazhan - Saudi Arabia
Dr. Zuhair AlKhatib - United Arab Emirates
Dr. Waleed Neimah - Lebanon
Dr. Zaki Malallah - Qatar
Dr. Abdullah Dorda - Libya
Dr. Basam Hanania - Palestine


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